Stretch Yourself

October 28,
We play a lot of golf, our goal this winter is to play 100 games as we tour the southern climates. Today we played at Rancho Bernardo Inn and followed a group of guys playing a Texas scramble. On the 7th hole, we met Jake Horton owner of Stretch U, he had a display set up to entertain the tournament players. It looked like a free massage but it wasn’t. Jake invited us to consider the benefits of regular stretching our body and the benefits on our range of motion and flexibility. That’s the key to playing great golf! We reflect on the corporate experience Lyle has had in the construction industry where stretching is mandatory and saves thousands of dollars every year in workers compensation claims. The investment in time and financial resources is worth it as men and women in their forties, fifties and beyond continue to bend, reach and move safely. Lyle reminds me to think of our good friend Jickie, a golf club member at Bermuda Dunes. Jickie is 85 years young, vibrant and energetic. She says she is slowing down but she golfs five days a week and her secret is morning yoga. She stretches and activates her muscles.
We met Marion and her grandson on the golf course at Prince Albert National Park. She was helping him prepare to compete in the Junior Lobstick. Lyle and I joined them on the course and she played 18 beautiful holes, walking often and she was 89 years young. What keeps her swing loose and full? She stretches every morning and every night.
The benefits of stretching include improved flexibility and range of motion, circulation and mental alertness as well as a big jump in performance results and your energy.

The need to keep stretching is more important as we age, let’s stay committed to keep our mobility and enjoy every day.
Keep stretching…. Keep walking, Keep dancing, Keep golfing, Keep playing with your grandchildren.

May you have a day worth living.
Lyle & Wendy


Author: Wendy & Lyle

Join us as we travel , play golf and share the lessons we have learned. Make it a day worth living.

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