Rain date at Candle Lake

Every Tuesday is the senior league with a 930 start. We line up behind the first group stretching back towards the putting green. It is going to be very slow today. I have decided to walk and join up with three others that will also walk nine holes. Roxanne invites me to play from the white tee box. I have only played from the forward red tee box but today I accept the challenge – to play a longer game – we have nothing but time as the lively groups ahead of us start to move forward.

“Nothing but time”

Walking the golf course, I am in harmony with nature. The walking slows everything down. I can examine all of my opportunities from a distance. I can hear the birds and smell fresh cut grass. I approach the ball and notice it is tucked into the thicker longer grass while I check the slope of the fairway and decide I may need more club to make this shot go the distance. It feels like I am playing alone. Four walkers are spread across the fairway moving forward towards their own ball up ahead. I am grateful for the peace in the morning and mindful of every step and how I grip the handle on my cart. There is no tension, there is tempo and I am  surprised with birdie chances.

The rain starts – just a drizzle on #9 hole. My umbrella is a lovely retreat.

At the end of nine holes my partners finish up and we shake hands hoping to meet again soon. They watch as I return to the first tee box to play another nine holes. Roxanne shouts out “are you going to play from the white tees again?”

Yes – I am! I am going to beat my own score on the last nine holes. Smiling as I walk, I know I have nothing but time.




Author: Wendy & Lyle

Join us as we travel , play golf and share the lessons we have learned. Make it a day worth living.

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