Destination Golf – Florida

       The Magnolia Course @ Walt Disney World

Just outside of Orlando, Florida is home to dozens of theme parks. None is more famous or popular  than Walt Disney World. Early one morning we drive under the majestic banner that welcomes all guests into the park. We will not be taking the ride to Space  Mountain or the Tower of Terror, instead we continue past hotels and shuttles and find our way at the gate to a very special early morning golf game.

Minnie Mouse drives a custom SUV. We know because she drove right by us. This polka dot surprise  is adorable and part of the tradition inside the resort.                                                                                                                                          The traffic is well managed as many guests load onto strategic perimeter shuttles that speed them towards the magic kingdom. Our drive up to the clubhouse is beautiful and peaceful. The entrance welcomes guests to linger at ponds and under majestic trees. The friendly line up of marshals, bag boys and pro staff greet us outside.

The dew on the grass is heavy as we fill up our coffee and take the cart to the first tee box. This misty morning makes it feel like a day dream but as the sun rises high, in the heart of the morning we find this Magnolia Course is where we will find magic today.  There are wide fairways and a lush green forest but the hazards are abundant on this championship tour style course.  The designers even playfully drop a Mickey Mouse bunker on a par three signature hole.

At one time, the PGA tour played this course. Memories from epic games played long ago are stamped onto to bronze plates waiting beside the tee boxes. Professional golfers, celebrities and sports figures created history on this graceful challenging beauty. Tiger Woods played this course as a young man of  twenty and became the youngest champion in the history of the Classic tournament in 1996.

We suggest you pick a early morning tee time offer that includes a light bite for breakfast and nine holes if that is all time will allow. Early morning dew sweepers will truly see the magnificent course in all of its morning glory.

Today, The Magnolia Course is a golf surprise…offering a Disney experience to every traveller. What would you expect to find???

The happiest place on turf.



always in friendship,

Lyle & Wendy


Author: Wendy & Lyle

Join us as we travel , play golf and share the lessons we have learned. Make it a day worth living.

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