Taste every moment – Fill yourself up


I love food. Food was a comfort to me growing up. I haven’t always felt an abundance of food in my life but today I am abundant. I taste every moment.  The heirloom tomato is soft yellow  with a row of tiny seeds and  it is glistening on the top of the salad on my plate. It reminds me to look up to the sun and be open every day with joy. The dark green spinach is the base, like the mossy base under a forest of trees, it is varying degrees of green. It is connected to earth and rich in vitamins and nutrients. I am connected to the earth. There are tiny translucent slivers of onion woven around leaves and fruit. Just like the sharp moments in our life, the onion can be harsh when it stands alone but delicious and brilliant blended with all of the others. 

The basil is fragrant and smells so earthy, it takes  me to remarkable moments that comfort me and make me feel more alive. Cucumber is a watery, neutral vegetable, so simple and yet shows the need to bring balance into food and our lives. Not everything has to to be powerful or overwhelmingly bold like the peppery hot flashes that are dramatic and demand our attention with one single bite.

When we are looking for the smooth rich flavour,  the  avacado has good for you fats  that hold comfort and love in the very texture.

Berries and slices of orange or grapefruit satisfy life’s craving for the sweet. Playful and colorful they dance across the dressing,  sparkling jewels hidden from view.

The salad can be glistening with oil and herbs that cover all the vegetables and blend the flavors together.

We need good food to keep our good health and stay active as we age. If we open every day with joy and gratitude for the sun on our skin, for the sharp testy bits, for the love and comfort we receive and for  life itself, we can fill ourselves up.

There is such beauty in great food and we can be open to every day beauty in our lives. Your attention to food can put you in touch with who you really are and what you want to do.Just look down at your plate. Is it coincidence or connection?

Make it a day worth living.




Author: Wendy & Lyle

Join us as we travel , play golf and share the lessons we have learned. Make it a day worth living.

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