Stretch Yourself

October 28,
We play a lot of golf, our goal this winter is to play 100 games as we tour the southern climates. Today we played at Rancho Bernardo Inn and followed a group of guys playing a Texas scramble. On the 7th hole, we met Jake Horton owner of Stretch U, he had a display set up to entertain the tournament players. It looked like a free massage but it wasn’t. Jake invited us to consider the benefits of regular stretching our body and the benefits on our range of motion and flexibility. That’s the key to playing great golf! We reflect on the corporate experience Lyle has had in the construction industry where stretching is mandatory and saves thousands of dollars every year in workers compensation claims. The investment in time and financial resources is worth it as men and women in their forties, fifties and beyond continue to bend, reach and move safely. Lyle reminds me to think of our good friend Jickie, a golf club member at Bermuda Dunes. Jickie is 85 years young, vibrant and energetic. She says she is slowing down but she golfs five days a week and her secret is morning yoga. She stretches and activates her muscles.
We met Marion and her grandson on the golf course at Prince Albert National Park. She was helping him prepare to compete in the Junior Lobstick. Lyle and I joined them on the course and she played 18 beautiful holes, walking often and she was 89 years young. What keeps her swing loose and full? She stretches every morning and every night.
The benefits of stretching include improved flexibility and range of motion, circulation and mental alertness as well as a big jump in performance results and your energy.

The need to keep stretching is more important as we age, let’s stay committed to keep our mobility and enjoy every day.
Keep stretching…. Keep walking, Keep dancing, Keep golfing, Keep playing with your grandchildren.

May you have a day worth living.
Lyle & Wendy


Rain date at Candle Lake

Every Tuesday is the senior league with a 930 start. We line up behind the first group stretching back towards the putting green. It is going to be very slow today. I have decided to walk and join up with three others that will also walk nine holes. Roxanne invites me to play from the white tee box. I have only played from the forward red tee box but today I accept the challenge – to play a longer game – we have nothing but time as the lively groups ahead of us start to move forward.

“Nothing but time”

Walking the golf course, I am in harmony with nature. The walking slows everything down. I can examine all of my opportunities from a distance. I can hear the birds and smell fresh cut grass. I approach the ball and notice it is tucked into the thicker longer grass while I check the slope of the fairway and decide I may need more club to make this shot go the distance. It feels like I am playing alone. Four walkers are spread across the fairway moving forward towards their own ball up ahead. I am grateful for the peace in the morning and mindful of every step and how I grip the handle on my cart. There is no tension, there is tempo and I am  surprised with birdie chances.

The rain starts – just a drizzle on #9 hole. My umbrella is a lovely retreat.

At the end of nine holes my partners finish up and we shake hands hoping to meet again soon. They watch as I return to the first tee box to play another nine holes. Roxanne shouts out “are you going to play from the white tees again?”

Yes – I am! I am going to beat my own score on the last nine holes. Smiling as I walk, I know I have nothing but time.


California express – Adventure

We left from Dana Point in California aboard the Catalina Express ferry.It is fast and smooth, breaking through wind and waves taking us to our destination, Santa Catalina Island.It is 22 miles southwest of Los Angeles.

Our port is the small town of Avalon charming us with history, celebrities, and sports stories. The island was purchased by William Wrigley ( Wrigley gum, Chicago Bears) in 1919 and the goal was to create a winter resort like no other. It was a golden age of movie stars and baseball players until the war years. Today the Wrigley family has protected the island under the watchful eye of a conservancy, a legacy for future generations. There are beautiful historical buildings and hotels and restaurants line the harbor. One block above the Avalon Bay , built in 1987,the Hotel St Lauren charms us with her ambiance, so here we stayed. The victorian facade is a beautiful pink and has a stunning view of the ocean from the roof top deck where guests meet up. ( We carried our golf clubs since we discovered the Catalina Golf Course would be available. The course was built in 1892. It has been the host to many tournaments over the years but today with drought conditions and a challenging economy it has been reduced to a nine hole par 32 course.

It is small and has some tight fairways. The first tee from the top of a very steep hill is most impressive. We played nine holes twice and it was a fun round.The pro shop was friendly and helpful. The weather was absolutely perfect. Guests that are arriving from the mainland cannot bring their vehicles but there are golf cart rentals that allow you to see and tour most of Avalon within an hour and there is so much to see.


RELAX – You are on Island time.

We suggest you book a couple of hours with the golf cart to see most of area sights. The outdoor shopping and cafes will entertain you with live music and colorful welcoming architecture. The elevation changes are significant and you can witness cruise ships, fishing boats and even a submarine gather together in the harbor below you.The roadway is lined with cactus and palm trees which may prevent a treacherous exit off the side of a very steep mountain road.
One  of the stunning buildings on this tour is the original casino pavilion which used to host elegant dances decades ago. The art inlaid tile and lanterns greet you in front of  the 16 foot wooden doors. The building is perfectly round with views to the ocean and harbor, it is a historic landmark and  is now home to the Avalon Theater. Just around the point is a modern beach development Descanso Beach where you can book zipline adventure or rent paddle boards and kayaks and finish your day with a massage by the sea. The Descanso Beach Club and Bar is a great place to enjoy a drink and watch the sun set too.

You can spend a few hours or stay a few days to discover the history, the sports activities and the great food with this surprising little island. Book your time to explore.

Like and follow us as we travel and share our stories of golf and the great people we meet and the lessons we have learned along the way.

Lyle & Wendy

” Epic Views “

Sedona is a land of timeless beauty, surrounded by magnificent red rock carved over millions of years from water and wind. It is a sacred, legendary land. It is a place not to be missed and certainly never to be forgotten.Standing about 4300 feet above sea level, it is centrally located less than two hours north of Phoenix and 2 hours south of the Grand Canyon. Lyle and I headed south on 89 through Flagstaff.  The sun was getting low in the sky and by the time we passed Humphrey’s Peak with elevation of 12,643 ft , it was dark.

Nothing can prepare you for the first morning when you wake up in Sedona, pull back the curtains in your hotel and see Bell Rock. WOW. Brilliant red rock. Everywhere. These buttes are monuments to nature. We planned to stay in the area for a few days and take in the power of this unforgettable experience.

If you are lucky enough to plan a get away, look to the luxurious Enchantment Resort, ( this five star  retreat offers many activities including access to the exclusive Seven Canyons Golf Course ( It has been called “That rare jewel of a course”, with Epic views it distracts the eye of a golfer while it draws you into every fairway. The elevation is dramatic, making the game a challenge of the right club. The slope from the champion tees is 136. It is a Tom Weiskopf design par 70 championship course that is called the “Arizona masterpiece”.  Every green could be the signature hole. We played on a sunny day in November. It was a celebration, a gift to me for shooting a glorious hole in one at another local course, Oakcreek Country Club.

A hole in one is a very special and rare accomplishment in this sport. What I have learned is every avid golfer holds a story in their heart about this achievement. When you let go of the wanting, it comes to you. When asked if they have ever had a hole in one, most golfers look off into the distance seeing the chance that almost happened, seeing someone they love hit the cup and sink it for an ace or seeing a stranger celebrate this victory within a game like no other.  It connects us all.

Heading away from the course on Dry Creek Road at the end of the day we decided to continue the celebration at the trendy five star restaurant, Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill. It opened in June 2015 , number four in a collection of restaurants owned by Chef Lisa Dahl in the Sedona area. The building itself is a masterpiece, stunning 23 foot wall of glass, and a front door that was hand carved  and inlaid with semi precious stones, it weighs 800 pounds. Inside, you can experience excellent service with attention to all of the details and the best in food and wine. We were captured by the artistic elements everywhere but my favourite had to be the back drop of black and white movies projected onto the wall forever linked to music and epic views outside every window. As evening approaches, the low light at the restaurant conforms to Sedona Dark Sky policies, as nothing affects the natural beauty of the stars above.

It has been a perfect day. I am inspired and peaceful from this magnificent sacred land. I am thankful for nature that is rare and so diverse. This desert is bursting with beauty and I encourage each of you to explore the traditions and the soul of Sedona.

Taste every moment – Fill yourself up


I love food. Food was a comfort to me growing up. I haven’t always felt an abundance of food in my life but today I am abundant. I taste every moment.  The heirloom tomato is soft yellow  with a row of tiny seeds and  it is glistening on the top of the salad on my plate. It reminds me to look up to the sun and be open every day with joy. The dark green spinach is the base, like the mossy base under a forest of trees, it is varying degrees of green. It is connected to earth and rich in vitamins and nutrients. I am connected to the earth. There are tiny translucent slivers of onion woven around leaves and fruit. Just like the sharp moments in our life, the onion can be harsh when it stands alone but delicious and brilliant blended with all of the others. 

The basil is fragrant and smells so earthy, it takes  me to remarkable moments that comfort me and make me feel more alive. Cucumber is a watery, neutral vegetable, so simple and yet shows the need to bring balance into food and our lives. Not everything has to to be powerful or overwhelmingly bold like the peppery hot flashes that are dramatic and demand our attention with one single bite.

When we are looking for the smooth rich flavour,  the  avacado has good for you fats  that hold comfort and love in the very texture.

Berries and slices of orange or grapefruit satisfy life’s craving for the sweet. Playful and colorful they dance across the dressing,  sparkling jewels hidden from view.

The salad can be glistening with oil and herbs that cover all the vegetables and blend the flavors together.

We need good food to keep our good health and stay active as we age. If we open every day with joy and gratitude for the sun on our skin, for the sharp testy bits, for the love and comfort we receive and for  life itself, we can fill ourselves up.

There is such beauty in great food and we can be open to every day beauty in our lives. Your attention to food can put you in touch with who you really are and what you want to do.Just look down at your plate. Is it coincidence or connection?

Make it a day worth living.


The Lobstick-Golf history and tradition

“Just over 100 yards out from the first tee sat the famous lobstick tree. Arguably one of the most famous trees in western Canada,the lobstick was the symbol of the tradition and history of the Waskesiu Golf Course, so much so that our world famous match play event is named in its honour.

The annual Lobstick tournaments at Waskesiu are some of the largest match play events in North America, attracting more than 800 golfers  from across the continent. It is a summer tradition in Saskatchewan for more than 80 years that was named after the famous Lobstick tree located in the middle of the fairway, off the first tee. The Cree word lobstick, refers to an evergreen tree that had its branches cut off to the midway point to act as a trail marker.”

There are four different tournaments: Juniors, Men’s, Womens and Senior Men’s which are open to players of all skill level and offer participants the thrill of friendly competition. We have met some contenders with  our visits to this beautiful forest course.

In June we met Raymond and Paul. It was a practice round before the senior men’s tournament for them and it was lots of fun. Paul pulled his golf bag from the modified carrier he has fixed to the back of his motorcycle..two passions perfectly blended for the joy of it. Both of these guys love golf and play often and every year they book the trip to reconnect with childhood friends and golf the Lobstick. They have stories of struggles and loss but golf brings them all back together again, once a year.

Later in July, we met Laughlin a 13 year old playing golf with his Uncle Barry.He plays five days a week with his Grandpa and Uncle Barry, practicing to compete in his first time Junior Lobstick. They are teaching him the love of the game – and this boy has game! He is hungry to play well, more distance is better. His golf hero is Rory McIlroy a young man from Ireland that hits the ball a very long way. It was about the seventh hole and Lyle asked him if he wanted the secret to add 20 yards to his drive. “Yes, I do Yes please tell me the secret!” So Lyle adjusted Laughlin’s beautiful new M1 driver and adjusted his grip. It took practice to straighten it out but the distance was there…shot after shot he hit them long. It was wonderful to see how this family has bonded with golf and shared life lessons that make grandpa and Uncle Barry very proud of this young man.

A few days later Lyle and I were called to the tee box and introduced to another junior and his beautiful grandmother. Reilly is a 16 year old, quiet and thoughtful in his game. His grandmother, Marion at 89 years old is still golfing and now coaching her beloved grandson for the Junior Lobstick. She has owned a cabin at Waskesiu for many years and is well known and respected by many at the golf course. Although her game has changed in this later part of her life, she still has distance and hits a straight consistant ball. I had to comment on her great flexibility and she shared her commitment to stretching every morning and night.

It is so exciting to watch these young men start in this game and want to compete. More important for us is the message that we can continue to play excellent golf as we age,we can live life our own way and by keeping connections at the golf course, we can play and have fun for many years to come.

Learning more about the history and meaning of the lobstick tournaments has inspired me to compete in the Conexus Women’s tournament in 2018. I celebrate many friends and aquaintances that are competing right now and hope you make a week of memories that keep you coming back!



The Ace

We were watching the first round of the Players championship at TPC Sawgrass where the very best in the game battle with one of the most challenging golf courses on the professional tour.

Sergio Garcia from Spain, makes a hole in one on the 17th hole island green. It was the second of his career. In golf, a hole in one is rare. Imagine a ball hit from the tee and in one shot ends up in the cup. It requires some skill – power and a lot of luck.

Have you ever had a hole in one? This conversation started on a tee box with strangers has revealed some amazing stories to us. There is a longing  and a challenge by every golfer, to play the shot and achieve the ACE – a hole in one. In 2015, on a beautiful fall day Lyle and I joined with his brother and his wife for a round of golf and as we stood on the tee box and watched Lyle hit that ball aimed right at the red flag, 327 yards par 4 and he Aced. That was amazing and rare and his first hole in one.

In Sedona, just months after that beautiful game, Lyle and I joined a local member at the Oak Creek Country Club.  This course is a contradiction with huge oak trees and rivers tucked beside the red rock mountains and Coconno National Forest, nature’s prize. It was a casual game and we were all having fun. I stepped up to face a par three on hole 16 with a water hazard that made the green look like an island. My six iron was in hand for 140 yards and I made contact. I looked away, expecting the worst. Lyle shouted for me to watch it as my ball  landed on the right side of the green and picked up speed  it caught a break,and headed sharply left into the cup. Unbelieveable, exciting and memorable.( and yes a little bit lucky!!!) My first hole in one.

Since that fall, we have asked many others their own story of the elusive goal. Some players have a 30 year history with the game and not yet experienced for themselves  this thrill. Others have had a multiple of celebrations over the years. It is such a pleasure to play golf with others and share their celebrations.

We met Lidia and her husband Ted in Phoenix at the Wildfire Golf Course at the JW Marriott Hotel.  It was a beautiful day for exceptional value. The fairways were lush in this desert, surrounded by mountains.Lidia’s par three hole in one will connect us forever. The clubhouse celebration overflowed from the management to the staff and nearby guests.

During the same year, outside San Diego on a small golf course at the Welk Resort Lyle and I joined Steve and his best friend as they skipped work to play a round of golf together. We had just pulled up to the par three number three hole that is pinched into the side of an escarpment, a hilly enclave. When Steve hit his tee shot, it was crisp and deliberate and landed on the green where it ran left into the cup. High fives, smiles and photos. It was time to share the celebration –  what do you do when your supposed to be at work but your golfing? Let’s sit on the deck of the clubhouse with tall drinks and remember this special first time event. Cheers!

What we have learned, is when you relax from the “wanting” and stay in the moment for that one shot, you may end up celebrating your very own ace. When Sergio achieved his hole in one at TPC Sawgrass, he was playing with Matt Kuchar another legend of the game and it was a fine example of fun in the moment. They played together last year too when Kuchar holed out from a bunker. There is a peaceful energy that allows this magic to unfold.

We have heard that golf is a game you play against the course itself and a hole in one is an unexpected victory for every player, even the most celebrated professionals of this sport. Our wish for every golfer is to enjoy their hole in one this year and share your story with us.    click on menu and join the club.

What happens in Vegas….

To start a driving holiday in November can be tricky. Especially if you live in Saskatchewan. Weather determines your fate. It can be a three day drive to ease yourself from snow and mountain passes into a warmer climate. Interstate 15 in the US is an awesome corridor that gently turns into Nevada passing fields of solar panels and wind generation stations.

L wants to golf in a urgent way. His love of this game spans years of effort and competition and finally, now fun. “Let’s stop in Vegas” he says. I am not as excited. We have stopped there on other trips, this time I ask for something different, something unique and still on our way to the western golf mecca, California.

“I think I found it.” Twenty miles outside of Vegas we turn onto Lake Mead Parkway and finally enter the stones gates to Lake Las Vegas. This is a surprise, a gem just outside of Henderson NV with a history back to 1967 starting with a dream, leading to financial destruction and then 5 billion dollar restoration.. again.  It all started with a 320 acre man made lake. A vision of the grandest luxury hotels and resorts that would expand Las Vegas. Today the lake is shadowed with two great hotels, million dollar homes and two award winning golf courses. A resort village has been built offering coffee shops, artist galleries, restaurants and water sports. Today the land developers are again in lease disputes, some buildings stand empty and the hotels have changed ownership. This is good news for a traveler that wants a first class Westin Hotel experience ( they are currently undergoing 30 million dollar renovation) or a classic Hilton Hotel for a fraction of the price in other parts of the country.  default


The first public resort course designed by Jack Nicklaus in Nevada is  Reflection Bay. This is a top 100 golf course by Golf Digest. ( par 72 signature course is picturesque, running alongside the man made lake and weaving around the two area resorts. This course is a great test of skill for all golfers, choose the right tee box to fully enjoy the experience. It has great flow leading to the 561 yds par 5 finishing hole. L hit his tee shot to center of the generous fairway and smartly up on the hill. The lake runs completely down the right side.  His second shot approached the green in great position to attempt an eagle. The scorecard highlights a very satisfying  birdie. We enjoyed the course conditions and plan to return on our next trip.20161120_124007_001

Vegas area has lots to offer any traveler. When the city lights fill the horizon, we made our way to the Las Vegas strip. This was an easy 20 min drive from our hotel and if you don’t have a vehicle, limousines and hotel shuttles are available. After walking to see such famous sites as the fountain show at Belagio Hotel, dinner at Paris and dropping cash at the casino L and I were glad to return to a retreat at the lake with the lights of Vegas in our rear view mirror.

In the late evening we drove through the stone gates again. The path is edge with palm trees and lanterns and welcomes us back. What a beautiful stay, a surprise and a lesson that dreams are not easy – the most daring take time. I believe that it is time for Lake Las Vegas to fulfill the dream from a past generation.



A life worth living.

We redefine traditional values for retirement, enjoying a more active, free spirited attitude that craves “experiences” and not stuff.

May 25, 2017

Our Boomer Life……a life worth living.

We are of a certain age, a social generation inclined to wander. We are the boomer generation. We redefine traditional values for retirement,  enjoying a more active, free spirited attitude that craves ” experiences” and not stuff.

Today, in our sixties, we commit to living for the adventure, open to what life gives us and letting go. Letting go of stress, worry, deadlines and dead ends. The goal is to enjoy life and share our passion for the game of golf and the lessons it can teach us.

Golf has inspired us. Playing in Phoenix with Angelina ( she was very new to the game) we remembered to never lose touch with the joy of hitting one great shot.Walking uphill into sunset at the “wicked six”  we are grateful for such beautiful course conditions they can both challenge you and take your breath away. If you want to play quality golf courses and stay in the best places for a fraction of what you would expect to pay, follow us as we discover the offers and promotions that can reward a traveller who understands what they want.

We want to share it all with you as we celebrate stories of friendship, travel and our commitment to the game of golf.

Making memories.