A life worth living.

We redefine traditional values for retirement, enjoying a more active, free spirited attitude that craves “experiences” and not stuff.

May 25, 2017

Our Boomer Life……a life worth living.

We are of a certain age, a social generation inclined to wander. We are the boomer generation. We redefine traditional values for retirement,  enjoying a more active, free spirited attitude that craves ” experiences” and not stuff.

Today, in our sixties, we commit to living for the adventure, open to what life gives us and letting go. Letting go of stress, worry, deadlines and dead ends. The goal is to enjoy life and share our passion for the game of golf and the lessons it can teach us.

Golf has inspired us. Playing in Phoenix with Angelina ( she was very new to the game) we remembered to never lose touch with the joy of hitting one great shot.Walking uphill into sunset at the “wicked six”  we are grateful for such beautiful course conditions they can both challenge you and take your breath away. If you want to play quality golf courses and stay in the best places for a fraction of what you would expect to pay, follow us as we discover the offers and promotions that can reward a traveller who understands what they want.

We want to share it all with you as we celebrate stories of friendship, travel and our commitment to the game of golf.

Making memories.


Author: Wendy & Lyle

Join us as we travel , play golf and share the lessons we have learned. Make it a day worth living.

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